'Fototeca Storica Nazionale Ando Gilardi' preserves more than 500.000 images, including photographs, photocollographs, lithographs, chromolithographs, woodcuts, chalcographs, paintings, published material. The photographic shot of originals are on black and white negative, color slides or direct digital scans.  The images organized for the fast finding are about 300,000 and among these, 70,000 are listed by means of computers, more of 30,000 digitized and on-line: they are just "the tip of the iceberg"... The remainder are available off-line to a more depth search, in care of our editorial staff. The screening of these images, not yet on-line, is of course still in digital, low resolution sent via e-mail.


The consultation is free (see  guide). The direct download of images in the low resolution with filigree to use of study or layout, is enabled through recording: rules for using the service. The direct download of high resolution images for publication is an additional function enabled on demand with the signing of the Agreement for direct download, you can ask for it to the customer sevice at:


Fototeca Storica Nazionale Ando Gilardi is able to provide drafting and technical support for the implementation of photographic exhibitions, projections, production of illustrated books on paper or multimedia; can run, on request, iconographic research theme or a whole work.

Reproduction fees

All the images of Fototeca Gilardi are RM (rights managed) therefore to use them it must pay the right of reproduction agreed in advance and cite the source by putting the proper credit line indicated on each card after the symbol ©, into the reserved space on publication. Reference rate table

Prints on-demand

Available images for print on demand (for private use, no editorial), are only those where it appears the button of the cart. To proceed to purchase select the image with the cart button, choose menu item cart and follow the instructions.