subject date: 2004-11-30

caption: MINERS group of five miners operate levers in old lignite mine in Luni, called the Lunara (La Spezia) from which was extracted already at the time of the Etruscans. Workers occupied the mine to prevent the closure, which occurred then instead resulting in dismissal of the workers. Photography by Ando Gilardi, executed with lighting bulbs with magnesium (Olive and bolts part of the exhibition - Ando Gilardi farmer and laborer jobs in post from 1950 to 1962) Luni (La Spezia) 1952-53

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Gilardi To.ReconstructionLuniligniteLunaraminersLiguriaItalylay-offshistory of the movement laborerfightoccupationhistory of the photographyminePost-war periodneorealism

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