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subject date: 2004-11-30

caption: MINING group of six miners posing in the old lignite mine in Luni, called the Lunara (La Spezia) from which was extracted from the times of the Etruscans. Lignite is a fuel similar to coal but less valuable, entered into disuse after World War II (1945-50). Workers occupied the mine to prevent the closure, which occurred then instead resulting in dismissal of the miners. Photography by Ando Gilardi (Olive and bolts part of the exhibition - Ando Gilardi farmer and laborer jobs in post from 1950 to 1962) Luni (La Spezia) from 1952 to 1953

category: HIS

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country: Italia

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Gilardi To.ModernLuniLiguriatradesoccupationmineminerlay-offsLunaralignitefighthistory of the movement laborerPost-war periodItalyneorealism

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