Regno Unito


subject date: 2004-09-13

caption: ARTÙ (4) disembarks in Ireland and demands pays. After to have fought the Irishes, and to have submitted all the heads clan of the island, the pretente or paid Welsh king I pay: in this case it receives honey in amphoras and honeycombs and lingotti of pond, metal a lot searched. Cromolitografia, Liebig little figure, Italy 1910.

category: HIS

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country: Regno Unito

credit: Fototeca Gilardi

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continent: Europa

image century : XX

image epoch: Moderno

subject century: V - VI

subject epoch: Medioevo

technique: Cromolitografia

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Artùlittle figureLiebigWalesIrelandGreat BritainCeltiumsmonarchKingMiddle Ages

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