subject date: 2003-03-21

caption: MOTI FARMERS Portella della Ginestra (Palermo), the plaque adorned with a wreath withered where the massacre took place, on top of a pile of stones: 'On May 1, 1947 (...) of men, women and children came down with the ferocious barbarism lead of the mafia and the landowners claiming innocent victims to crush the liberation struggle of the peasants from the bondage of the feud. (...) 'Photography Ando Gilardi (1921-2012) #andogilardi, circa 1957.

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ItalyMay 1stMay DayfarmersfightagriculturelaborersA. Gilardimassacrepeasant uprisingsMafiaorganized crimePortella della Ginestrapost-war periodreconstructionclass struggle

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