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subject date: 2002-05-14

caption: DEVOUT FATHER from Pietralcina (1887-1968) devozionale image that the ritrae during a religious function, with the hands committees in prayer. An architectonic detail of the background, behind its head, suggests the idea of an aureole from Saint. To single 15 years, in the October of 1902 an intense ascetic life enters in the Convent Cappuccino of Morcone beginning. In 1983 the beatification process is begun, will be santificato the 16 june 2002. Fotolitografica Immaginetta, Italy 1970 approximately.

category: HIS

copyright: © Fototeca Gilardi

copyright status: Copyrighted Work

country: Italia

credit: Fototeca Gilardi

instructions: Per utilizzi: Fototeca Gilardi - t. 02 3931 2652

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continent: Europa

image century : XX

image epoch: Anni Settanta

subject century: XX

subject epoch: Anni Sessanta

technique: Quadricromia

id: 5662

file name: FSNgilardi_44558.jpg


Devout fatherstimmateimmaginettadevozionale imagesantino

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