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subject date: 2005-10-14

caption: Benito MUSSOLINI (29 July 1883 - 28 April 1945), the Italian dictator in an unusual, pensive attitude: his eyes lowered and the smile on his lips, a hand under his chin. Photographic portrait by Ghitta Carell (September 20, 1899 - January 18, 1972), photographed Hungarian naturalized Italian, official portraitist of the royals of Italy and eminent personalities of the regime, who in the years after the war made portraits to various figures of culture, politics , nobility and Roman bourgeoisie. Rome, 1930-39.

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country: Italia

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image epoch: II Guerra Mondiale

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subject epoch: II Guerra Mondiale

technique: fotografia

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Mussolini B.Benito MussoliniGhitta CarellCarell G.ItalyFascismWorld War IIbaldnessportrait

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