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subject date: 2003-04-01

caption: SAN COSTANTINO ALBANESE (PZ) very significant image that exemplifies the work of the documentary expedition then described in the book 'Sud e magia', conducted from May 15 to June 4, 1957 in Lucania by Professor Ernesto De Martino (1 December 1908 - May 9, 1965, back in the picture), ethnologist, anthropologist, historian of religions and Italian philosopher, and his team represented here by Emilio Servadio (14 August 1904 - 18 January 1995), psychoanalyst, parapsychologist, esotericist and journalist, Vittoria De Palma (25 August 1927), collaborator and life partner of the professor, and Mario Pitzurra (1916-?), medical hygienist. The machine tells its experience and the scholars take note, who records and who writes, according to their own scientific interest (medical, psychological, anthropological). Photograph by Ando Gilardi #andogilardi (1921-2012), photographer of the team. Italy, 1957

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subject epoch: Anni Cinquanta

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ethnologycultural anthropologymaciarawitchsuperstitionfolk medicinesorceressnotenotesSouthSouthern ItalyEthnographyE. De MartinomagicparanormalparapsychologyanthropologyA. GilardiSouthhealerMightBasilicataLucaniasearchstudy

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