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Italia - Castelmezzano (PZ)


subject date: 2003-04-01

caption: Ernesto DE MARTINO (1908-1965) in Castelsaraceno (PZ) with an elderly man in front of his house; the man was interviewed by him (see long and expressive photographic sequence) for having participated in an episode of "infestation". Documentation image of the investigation conducted in Lucania from 15 May to 4 June 1957 by the ethnologist and anthropologist Ernesto De Martino and his team, described in the treatise "South and magic". Photo by Ando Gilardi #andogilardi (1921-2012), team photographer. Italy, 1957.

category: HIS

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country: Italia - Castelmezzano (PZ)

credit: Fototeca Gilardi

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subject epoch: Anni Cinquanta

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ethnologycultural anthropologyA. GilardianthropologyparanormalparapsychologySouthern Italymagicfolk medicineE. De MartinoMightBasilicataLucaniaCastelsaracenocobbledarchitectureurbanSouthSouthern Italy

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