subject date: 2002-11-07

caption: CHILDREN for about five to six years play in the area around the village built by Montecatini for Crotone workers. In the foreground, three children smile at the goal while behind them a baby on a slight rise of the ground retains the winning position. In the background you will notice the wall of Montecatini fence. Photography by Ando Gilardi (1921 - 2012) #andogilardi, Crotone 1956.

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GamesA. GilardiCrotonehide and seekchildrenFiftiespost-war periodCalabriaSouthSouthern ItalySouthern ItalyindustrializationCassa del MezzogiornoDe Gasperi governmentAndo GilardiMontecatiniShanghai neighborhoodIndustrial villagehistory of the labor movementSMOneorealism

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