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title: PAPA SAN Silverio

subject date: 2011-07-08

caption: PAPA SAN Silverio of Celio (480-about 537) was born in Frosinone, elected in 536. It was the 58th Bishop of Rome and Pope of the Catholic Church from 536 to 11 March 537, when he was deposed. In order to have a pope under its control, the Empress Theodora had built to the Pope Silverio damage a charge of plotting in which reason he was arrested and taken to the East in Patara in Lycia, where he was to remain in perpetual exile. The bishop of the place, very soon, he realized that the pope was innocent, and he went to Constantinople by the Emperor Justinian, convincing him to order the education of a new investigation. The emperor consented to Silverio to return to Italy (where he had already been established in its place Vigilio, protected by Teodora) waiting for the new outcome, but here on November 11 he was again captured by the same men who had hatched the plot and forced to abdicate, by signing a document renouncing the papacy in favor of Vigilio; So he was imprisoned and sentenced to die in the island Palmaria (medieval name of the island of Palmarola Ponziana). It was the third pope to abdicate in history, after Clement I and Pope Pontian. Postcard chromolithographic n. 204 from the 'Collection of the Popes Romans' dedicated to Pope Pius X and blessed by Him. Rome, October 1903.

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