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caption: Pope Gregory XVI (September 18, 1765 - June 1, 1846), born Bartolomeo Alberto (in religion Mauro) Cappellari was born in Belluno, elected in 1831. During the pontificate faced significant costs in architecture and engineering, including the adjustment of the course of the Aniene river in the park of Villa Gregoriana, Tivoli for protection after the disastrous flood of 1826. He met with conviction the subject of slavery, still strongly present mainly in the Americas. December 3, 1839, with the encyclical In Supreme Apostolatus, condemned slavery as a "crime", reiterating the teaching of his predecessors. Portrait, detail from a chromolithographic postcard of the 'Collection of the Popes Romans' dedicated to Pope Pius X and blessed by Him (in whole # 4706). Rome, October 1903.

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