Città del Vaticano


subject date: 2010-07-02

caption: HOLY YEAR 1950 Immaginetta celebrating with the depiction of the patriarchal basilicas, site of the Holy Doors, and the portrait of Pope Pius XII blessing, illuminated by the Divine Light of the Sacred Heart of Christ. Offset printing, Rome, 1950

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country: Città del Vaticano

credit: Fototeca Gilardi

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image epoch: Anni Cinquanta

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subject epoch: Anni Cinquanta

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CatholicismJesus ChristSacred HeartPius XIIlittle imagedevotional imageSantinoallegoryHoly YearPopePopereligionpost-war periodPatriarchal BasilicasPapal BasilicasSt. Paul Outside the WallsSt Paul's BasilicaSanta Maria MaggioreLiberian BasilicaSt. John LateranLateran BasilicaSt. PeterVatican Basilica

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