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subject date: 2010-07-02

caption: PAPA GIOVANNI XIX (? - 9 October 1032), the Roman Age of Tuscolani Conti, born in Rome, elected in 1024. On 26 March 1027, on Easter Sunday, crowned in St. Pietro Corrado II the Salic of Franconia said (about 990 - June 4, 1039) Holy Roman Emperor. The Count Romanus had actually assumed the name of John XVIII, but the alleged existence of a papa Giovanni (probably died before consecration) between the fourteenth and fifteenth, called John XIV bis, together with the existence of the anti-John XVI, created some confusion among historians, who attributed it in time the numeral XIX, XX, and then re-XIX. The next Papa Giovanni took the numeral XXI, so that the definitive history there is no Pope John XX nor how, nor as anti-pope. Postcard chromolithographic n. 113 from the 'Collection of Roman Popes' dedicated to Pope Pius X and blessed by Him. Rome, October 1903.

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