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subject date: 2010-07-02

caption: PAPA LEONE IX (June 21 1002 - April 19 1054), born Buenone de 'Conti Engelsheim, born in Germany, elected in 1049, venerated as a saint, consecrates the Abbey of Saint Arnoud in Metz. During his pontificate, was consumed by the Great Schism the Eastern Church, then under the patriarchate of Michele Cerulario, originated from disagreements over dogma of the Holy Spirit and culminated about papal rules on clerical celibacy and the tonsure of the beard. After the death of Papa Leone IX, the Church of Rome is called "catholic", ie universal, that of Constantinople called himself faithful "Orthodox," that is, the dogma of Nicaea in 325. Postcard chromolithographic n. 108 from the 'Collection of Roman Popes' dedicated to Pope Pius X and blessed by Him. Rome, October 1903.

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