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subject date: 2010-07-02

caption: POPE BENEDICT X (? - 1074), born Pennant (John) of Tuscolani accounts, born in Rome; elected in 1058 with the support of the nobility and the people, he was forced by ecclesiastical opponents to resign in 1059. He governed the Church for 9 months and 20 days. He was later regarded by historians as much as Pope Antipope, depending on the interpretation given to the regularity of his election, whose experiences have convinced his successor (later identified as a direct successor of Stephen IX) to reform election procedures Pope, entrusted only to the Cardinals. Since 1904, the Church is unanimous in considering Antipapa. Postcard chromolithographic n. 105 from the 'Collection of the Popes Romans' dedicated to Pope Pius X and blessed by Him. Rome, October 1903.

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