Città del Vaticano


subject date: 2010-07-05

caption: POPE GELASIO II Giovanni Gaetani, been born to Gaeta, which elected in 1118, died in 1119. After the dead women of Paschal II, its predecessore (1118), Rome were upset by many commotions and crashs between the spin-imperial factions capeggiate from the Frangipane and spin-skullcaps. Decided to reunite the college cardinalizio in a place secret and difficult to attack. He was so the first Pope to being elect “cum clave” (under key), that is in a place secret and closed the public. Afterwards during the papacy, it was forced numerous times to escape persecuted, percosso, imprisoned, the soldiers of Enrico V and Frangipane; here represented while it returns in Rome dressed from pilgrim. From cromolitografica series dedicated to Pope Pius X and whom blessed He. Rome, 1903.

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subject epoch: Medioevo

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Gelasio IIEnrico V di Franconiaemperorreligious persecutionelectionsconclavePonteficePopeGiovanni Gaetanireligioncoat of armssealCatholicism

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