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subject date: 2010-05-13

caption: Blessed Pope Benedict XI (1240 - July 7, 1304), aka Nicola Boccasini, born in Treviso, elected in 1303, died in 1304. He governed the Church eight months and five days. He tried to reconcile disagreements between the powerful Roman families, by revoking the excommunication to the Colonna by his predecessor Boniface VIII, but not having returned their property confiscated these maintained the hostilities, as well as their opponents did not approve of the Pope's goodwill towards the their enemies. To escape the turmoil that followed, Benedict XI moved temporarily to Perugia, where he soon found his death by natural causes. His successor, Clement V, the seat further away from Roman papal intrigues, transferring it to France, near Avignon. Postcard chromolithographic n. 65 from the 'Collection of Roman Popes' dedicated to Pope Pius X and blessed by Him. Rome, October 1903.

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