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title: OTELLO

subject date: 2005-02-03

caption: William SHAKESPEARE (1564-1616) "This is the only magic I have used": accused of having seduced Desdemona with witchcraft, the Moor refers to Brabanzio and the Doge how the story of his adventures fascinated the young woman to the point of making her fall in love, inducing her to marry him without asking her father, without his knowledge (Act I, Scene III). The figure portrays the actor Spranger Barry (23 November 1719 - 10 January 1777) protagonist of "Othello", circa 1750.

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OthelloBarry S.Spranger BarrytheaterW. ShakespeareVeniceRenaissanceMoorleaderRepublic of VeniceRepublic of San MarcoSerenissimaturbanclandestine marriagesecret marriagemixed marriagethwarted lovejealousyinappropriate loveinconvenient

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