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subject date: 2002-11-14

caption: SAVOIA branch of Aosta. Mafalda di Savoia (19 November 1902 - 28 August 1944) born princess of Italy, then of Ethiopia and Albania, became Langravia, owner of Hesse-Kassel by marriage. Daughter of Vittorio Emanuele III and Elena of Montenegro, from a young girl, during the First World War, she followed her mother with her sisters in her charitable works and in the activities of comfort and assistance to the troops in the hospitals. In 1925 he married Philip Prince of Hesse, with whom he had four children: Maurizio (1926-2013), Enrico Guglielmo (1927-1999), Ottone (1937-1998) and Elisabetta (1940). Although she had acquired German citizenship with her marriage, and her husband was an SS officer, after the armistice they were both separately deported to the concentration camp. He died in Buchenwald for the consequences of a wound neglected perhaps intentionally by his torturers, whom the physicist undermined by the privations could not bear. Photographic portrait by Ghitta Carell (September 20, 1899 - January 18, 1972), photographed Hungarian naturalized Italian, official portraitist of the royals of Italy and eminent personalities of the regime, who in the years after the war made portraits to various figures of culture, politics , nobility and Roman bourgeoisie. Italy, sd

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Mafalda of SavoyAostaSavoyCarell G.Ghitta CarellPrincess of ItalyItalyKingdom of ItalyFascismNazismlagerfashionlacecollar

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