subject date: 2003-10-24

caption: Laurens ALMA-TADEMA (1836-1912) Ancient lute observes trepidante the vase received in gift. In Greek mythology, Ancient lute is the woman created from Zeus in order to punish the humanity. Donated like spouse to Epimeteo, brother of Promethium, the child carried with himself a vase, gift of Zeus which had ordered to them not to never open it. But, pushed from the curiosity, Pandora disobbedì: it opened the vase and from it the evils of the world exited all that were pulled down on the humanity. Deep Sul of the vase remained only the hope. Painting in mixed technique, 1881

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PandoraAlma-Tadema L.curiosityEpimeteomythologywomanevilshopedecadentism

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