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caption: IRELAND San ​​Brandano (460/484 - 577/583), a sixth-century Irish hero and saint, is the protagonist of a legendary exploratory trip to the Atlantic Ocean with sixty companions, looking for the Eden on the Island of Blessed. According to the legend, after having touched several extraordinary places, the sail's ship met a large Zaratan (sea monster) named Jasconius; having taken him for an island, he stopped to celebrate Easter Mass, turning on a fire that woke the animal. In some versions of the story, he would then return to the ship transported back to the whale. In other versions, the exploration monks returned home after other adventures, and after finally reaching Eden. It is assumed that on his trips he has reached the Faer Oer Islands, Iceland, and perhaps America; may have discovered the Canary Islands, where it is revered with the name of San Borondon. Despite its legendary origins, the alleged "San Brandano Island" was depicted in marine maps for a hundred years from 1476, in different positions generally northwest of the Canaries, and again in 1721 the Canary Governor arranged an expedition to look for her. Engraving of Wolfgang Kilian colored by the treatise "Nova Typis Transacta Navigatio" by Honorio Philopono, nickname of Benedictine abbot Caspar Plautius, Linz 1621

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