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subject date: 2005-10-18

caption: Charles DICKENS (1812-1870) Victorian-era English writer, writer, journalist and travel reporter. Author of numerous novels and collections of stories characterized by a subtle psychological investigation and social analysis, sometimes tragic and sometimes humorous. Among the most famous: The Pickwick club (1836-37); Oliver Twist (1837); David Copperfield (1850); Song of Christmas (1843). Photographic portrait, the pictorial retouch is very appreciable. Great Britain, 19th century

category: HIS

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country: Regno Unito

credit: Fototeca Gilardi

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image century : XIX

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subject century: XIX

subject epoch: Ottocento

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Dickens C.Great BritainUnited KingdomUKUnited Kingdomliteraturenovelistwriterfictionportraithistory of photographyCharles Dickensbeardgoateejournalist

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