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caption: JAPANESE RUSSIAN WAR the victory of the Japanese fleet on the Russians in Tsushima: "The naval battle of May 27 in the Strait of Korea ended with the defeat of the Russian fleet". In the circle: "The hero of the day - Admiral Togo" (27 January 1848 - 30 May 1934). Drawing by Achille Beltrame (19 March 1871 - 19 February 1945) for the cover of "La Domenica del Corriere". Milan, 11 June 1905

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battlesperiodicRusso-Japanese WarLa Domenica del CorrierecoverTsushimanewspapersJapanwarRussiaA. Beltramenaval battleTogo HeihachiroTogo Heihachironaval battle of the sea of JapanStrait of KoreaJapanese Imperial NavyRussian imperial fleet

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