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caption: Santa EUFRASIA (380 - 13 March 410) a virgin. Born from the Roman nobility, the daughter of Senator Antigonus of Constantinople, was orphaned of father shortly after birth and grew up with his mother at the court of Emperor Theodosius I, who bargained a good marriage when he was still only five years. Two years later, he returned with his mother in their native land in Egypt, and entered the convent still a child; He remained also the mother orphan, was twelve years old when she was summoned to tie the concerted wedding. The young, however, revealed to the king his vow of chastity, he asked to be released from the promise of being able to sell their possessions and donate the proceeds to the poor, and to free his slaves. The emperor agreed, and she led her whole life in the Egyptian monastery in prayer and fasting, sometimes facing the onslaught of temptations keeping busy with the move from place to place heavy stones, to tire the body and keep out the bad guys thoughts. Commemoration March 13, the day of death (Dies Natalis, birth into heaven) or July 24. colored engraving, Italy 1886

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exhaustionfatigueweightfatigueSistersnunvocationMonasticismnuntemptationtemptationsvow of povertyvow of chastityTebaideSt. Euphrasiamartyrcult of saintsChristianityCatholicismreligionKingdom of ItalyItalySant'Eufrasia of ConstantinopleSant'Eufrasia of ThebesEuphrasiaEupraxiaEgyptThebesmortification of the flesh

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