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caption: St. Simon of Trent martyr (1472 - March 1475), venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church until 1965, later removed from the ritual. The facts reported the discovery of a dead child, on Easter Sunday, 1475, in the waters of an irrigation ditch in the vicinity of a dwelling of Jews living in Trento. His cult is a testimony of the anti-Semitic persecution suffered by the Jewish community, in that circumstance suffered unjustly accused of the child's death, which was presumed occurred during the practice of a 'ritual murder' in order to procure the necessary innocent blood (according to the wicked prosecution's case) for the preparation of the unleavened bread for Passover. The entire Jewish community, made up of fifteen people, was forced under torture to confess prolonged the heinous crime, and the infant was immediately proclaimed blessed and object of worship (with commemoration of March 24) until the repudiation of anti-Semitism theological decreed by the Church in the Second Vatican Council. colored engraving, Italy 1886

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