subject date: 2017-02-23

caption: CHRONICLE The Catastrophe of Braila (Romania): collapses a pier on the Danube to structural collapse under the weight of the crowd. Silhouette design (Adriano Minardi, 1857-1938) for the cover of "La Tribune - Supplement illustrated Sunday", Italy May 13, 1894

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civil Engineeringstructural failureheavyweightovercrowdingcrowdingmasscrowddisastersPrincipality of WallachiaSilbonettosilhouettenewschronicleaccidentdisastersbridgeRomaniaBrailaflowstructural failureItalyKingdom of ItalynewspapersWeeklyillustrated weeklyactualitybreaking loadbreaking forcestress at breakdynamic loadAdriano MinardiMinardi A.

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