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caption: San BARBATO (602 - 19 February 683) bishop of Benevento, venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church, urges the Lombards besieged by the emperor Constant II in the Duchy of Benevento, who despite being Christians still profess forms of superstition as the cult of the tree and that of the viper, of which the same duke Romualdo is a fervent supporter. When finally the siege ends with the defeat of the besieger, the grateful Duke makes cease, offering the example of his own person, also that reminiscent of pagan worship. San Barbato then breaks down the nut object of the cult, and builds in its place the Church of Santa Maria in Voto; on the other hand, from the fusion of the golden viper, he obtains a chalice for the Eucharist. Commemoration on 19 February, the day of death (Dies Natalis, birth to heaven). Colored engraving, Italy 1886

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