subject date: 2017-01-06

caption: St. Ignatius of Antioch (about 35 - about 107) in the arena with lions. Of pagan origin, converted into adulthood by St. John the Evangelist, was the third bishop of Antioch, and the first Christian to be martyred in the Flavian Amphitheatre. During the transfer, in chains, to the condemnation 'to the beasts' to be performed in Rome, he wrote many letters to churches he met on the way, and in his writings some foundation concepts appear for the nascent theology, for the first time by using terms such as "Catholic Church" and "Christianity", considered neologisms of its conception. Commemoration February 1 at the Catholic Church until 1969, later moved to 17 October. colored engraving, Italy 1886

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TorturetorturemartyrsmartyrdomfierceWild beastFairlionslionreligionChristianityCatholicismcult of saintsSantomartyrthe Illuminatorfather ApostolicFather of the ChurchFathers of the ChurchEarly Christianofferingsentencesentenceddeath penaltycapital punishmentreligious persecutionintolerancearenaamphitheaterBishop

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