title: Caricature, Gabriele D'Annunzio

subject date: 2017-01-04

caption: CARICATURA of Gabriele D'Annunzio (12 March 1863 - 1 March 1938) on the occasion of the speech to the electors of Ortona at the beginning of his political activity, in the ranks of the extreme historical right; the face of the Vate is represented in a large globular pumpkin, resting on a sheet that recalls the "Discourse of the hedge", addressed to the voters of Pescara and Ortona. The salacious comment: "Seasonal fruit: as a true superman of letters wanting to become a politician for the love of rhythm, beauty, lineage ... and agriculture, there is the danger of ending up changing, if not in a turnip ... gnetta, at least in one of those cucurbitacei vegetating in the parliamentary field, of which the popular voice says to find only ten of a hundred good. " Copertina de 'Il Pasquino', Turin's humorous weekly magazine founded in 1856 by Giovanni Piacentini and Giuseppe Augusto Cesana (1821-1903). The headline takes its name from the most famous of the 'talking statues' of Rome, where the commoners used to post brief satirs in verses that anonymously took aim at the most prominent and controversial characters of the moment. Turin, 29 August 1897.

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