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caption: SATIRE "Marina ..... of all countries - That one on the left? I do not think more than last year. - I have launched another. The Seafarers said that the types age quickly now, and so it is must often renew them. ". Two young ladies with fans and large caps observe and comment on the men to the bathroom, the seemingly light lends itself to a dialogue on a political interpretation. Illustration of Dalsani (aka Giorgio Ansaldi, 1844 to 1922) for the cover of 'The Pasquino', Turin humorous weekly founded in 1856 by Giovanni Piacentini and Giuseppe Cesana Augustus (1821-1903). The head is named after the most famous of 'talking statues' of Rome, near which the common people were using post overnight short satire in verse who took anonymously targeting the most prominent and controversial characters of the moment. Turin, August 1, 1897.

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