subject date: 2016-12-30

caption: Blessed PETER URSEOLO Confessor (928 - January 10, 997). 23 ° Doge of Venice, rebuilt the Palazzo Ducale and the Basilica of San Marco, destroyed in the fire originated from the tumult that had dethroned his predecessor, built two hospitals and promoted the conservation of Churches. In 978 he decided to indulge her own inclination, along with his family left the temporal power and followed Guarino, the abbot of the Abbey of San Michele di cuxá (the Eastern Pyrenees) return from a pilgrimage in the Serenissima to pay their respects to the relics of St. Marco. He stayed in cuxá conducting monastic life until the end of his days. Commemoration of January 11th. colored etching, 1886

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