title: Saint Thomas Aquinas

subject date: 2016-12-05

caption: Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) Dominican friar, Italian theologian and philosopher, called the Doctor Angelicus for its deep culture and Christian faith, represented by the sun radiated on the chest, the pen and the book, on which you read the title his most important work, "Summa totius theologiae tripartite." Canonized in 1323 by Pope John XXII, was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church by Pope Pius V in 1567. Leo XIII declared him patron of Catholic schools in 1888. Recurrence January 28. Devotional image, chromolithography, late XIX - early XX century.

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country: Italia

credit: Fototeca Gilardi

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continent: Europa

image century : XIX- XX

image epoch: Ottocento

subject century: XIII

subject epoch: Medioevo

technique: Cromolitografia

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file name: FSNgilardi_71339.jpg


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