title: Phonurgia NOVA

subject date: 2016-11-24

caption: FONURGIA Title page of the Treaty "Phonurgia nova, sive conjugium Mechanico-physicum artis & natvrae paranympha phonosophia concinnatum" (New fonurgia: physical-mechanical coupling of art and elegantly concerted nature from paraninfa fonosapiente) Athanasius Kircher (1620-1680) , philosopher, historian and museologist German Jesuit working in Rome since 1635; the Treaty tackles in absolutely original and visionary interaction of acoustic phenomena in modern society through the study of sonometrica, music architecture, and even the fonoscopia of fonurgia iatrica, discipline with which examines how you can relieve therapeutically, through music, some human diseases, as in the case of traditionally staged rhythmic-musical ritual in southern Italy for the treatment of tarantism. Published by Rudolphum Dreherr, Kempten (Campidoniae), Germany, 1673

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