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caption: Carlo Emilio Gadda (1893-1973), writer, poet and Italian engineer: "The owl was dwelling ruins: and I awaited the poet, who suspirar you go. Down the night, he heard a long sigh. Toward dawn, that died from his sleep, he saw the poet away. With the girl. ". The owl in question is represented with humor sitting in an armchair and perfectly equipped for the night: skull cap, slippers, warmer for feet, pan, chamber pot, carafe of wine (which has inspired us) and the inevitable long pipe in his mouth , to accompany the slow passing of the hours. Mirko Vucetich design (1898 - 1975), illustrator, architect and versatile artist of Dalmatian origin, for the first edition of "The first book of fairy tales." Blacks Pozza, Venice 1952.

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