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caption: CARTOGRAPHY Italy in 1815. Schematic of the territorial changes of Italy realized with overlapping crowns: in this configuration the table includes the political divisions according to the Act of June 9 of the Vienna Congress and the Peace Treaty of Paris of November 20, 1815. Historical cartography from the volume: "From the resurgence to the empire, historical Atlantis with textual text" by Giovanni De Agostini (August 23, 1863 - November 21, 1941), Italian geographer and cartographer, founder of the homonymous publishing house, and Giovanni Antonio Monti (1882 - 1953), Director of the Risorgimento Museum and teacher of the History of the Risorgimento at the University of Milan (see cover in # 39583). Italy, September 1938.

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Serene Republic of San MarinoDuchy of LuccaKingdom of SardiniaKingdom of the Two Siciliespre-unification statesDe Agostini G.Monti GAhistoryGiovanni Antonio MontiGiovanni De AgostiniRisorgimentoHistorical AtlascartographyDuchy of ParmaLombardo-VenetoDuchy of ModenaGrand Duchy of TuscanyDuchy of Massa and CarraraPapal StatesState of the ChurchPrincipality of MonacoVienna CongressPeace Treaty of Paris

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