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caption: CARTOGRAPHY cover of the volume: "From the resurgence to the empire" Historical Atlantico with illustrative text "printed with 18 color cards, edited by Giovanni De Agostini (August 23, 1863 - November 21, 1941), Italian geographer and cartographer and founder of the homonym Publishing house, and Antonio Monti (1882 - 1953), Director of the Risorgimento Museum and teacher of the History of the Risorgimento at the University of Milan; Illustration on the cover of Giulio Cisari (1892 - 1979), preface by Senator Giuseppe de Capitani d'Arzago (see tables in # 39584 and # 40065/81). Milan, September 1938.

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Thirty yearsRhetoriccovercartographyHistorical AtlasRisorgimentoGiovanni De AgostiniDe Agostini G.Monti A.Monti GACisari G.Giovanni Antonio MontiGiulio CisarihistoryFascismpropagandacolonialismimperialism

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