title: The Legend of Saint Guinefort

subject date: 2016-09-27

caption: Saint Guinefort Depiction of the medieval legend of Guinefort, Good dog. Guinefort, Greyhound, was guarding the residence where his master lived with her newborn son. Returning one day from hunting, the man saw that in her son's room there were signs of aggression and the overturned cradle, while the dog had bloody fangs. Believing that the dog had mauled, he immediately killed him with the sword; shortly after he heard the baby crying and found him unharmed under the cradle, along with a viper killed by the dog. Leaders then Guinefort had fought against the snake to save the child; the deeply repentant man buried his dog and he covered his grave stones. In a short time on the tomb of the martyr dog they went accumulating numerous votive brought in thanks of miracles and graces that, according to the people, He performed the holy dog, especially to protect children. Word of mouth lasted centuries, and the figure of Guinefort was assimilated to that of a human saint. His cult, while prohibited and opposed several times, resisted all convictions and was finally abolished only in 1930 by the Catholic Church. Colorized illustration on wood of the fifteenth century the basis

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