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subject date: 2016-09-24

caption: PCI The first official piece of the Italian Communist Party, issued in 1945, designed by Renato Guttuso: under the word "workers of the world unite" the two workers' hands firmly hold the hammer and sickle, draped with a red flag; smokestacks in the background in business, the name of the party wrote on a tri band. Inside the personal data of the cardholder, with a signature stamp of Palmiro Togliatti, and the record for the application of stamps to the corresponding monthly installments of Lire 10 each value. At the bottom of the warning: "The fellow who does not pay the fees is not fulfilling its obligations towards the party, and after three months of non-payment may be subject to a disciplinary sanctions." Italy, 1945

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Kingdom of ItalymembershipItalian Communist PartyticketItalysymbolsred flagCommunismPCIhammer and sicklepeacepost-war periodstamphistory of the labor movementSMOproletariatSMOCommunistPCIleftsubscriptionfundraising

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