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subject date: 2016-09-21

caption: POLITICAL SATIRE "Funerals to do in Europe." Altar three coffins with the symbols of the figures described in the epigraph: "For the despots, to the Jesuits, to Bescottinisti Eternal Rest". "Biscottinisti" was the nickname saddled by detractors to the members of the Pious Union of Charity and Charity, of the Milanese group of volunteers whose goal was to bring comfort to the sick of the Ospedale Maggiore, with particular attention to girls and girls. The members of this association and its supporters were called in this way following the irreverent definition of Carlo Porta "the damm of bescottin" because on the occasion of their visits to the sick in hospitals (in which they aim to bring comfort to the physical, but especially the soul of the sick, bringing them back on the path of the Restoration in opposition to the rampant liberalism led by Napoleon) used to approach the suffering by offering them some cookies. Print colored lithographic, "Santo Properties Bravetta bookseller in Milan. Contrada Santa Margherita 1066". Milan, XIX century

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city: Milano

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image century : XIX

image epoch: Quarantotto

subject century: XIX

subject epoch: Quarantotto

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