title: ALLIES looters ART

subject date: 2016-08-27

caption: WWII Postcard ITALY propaganda against widespread allies by CSR: the design of Gino Boccasile (1901-1952) brings together the racist sentiments with the generic contempt for Americans, include the following as looters of works of art; a big color sergeant, with every appearance of being drunk, embraces without any respect the Venus de Milo, after having written the price on his stomach with charcoal: only $ 2. Italy, 1943/45

category: HIS

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country: Italia

credit: Fototeca Gilardi

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image epoch: Seconda guerra mondiale

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subject epoch: Seconda guerra mondiale

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statuesculpturehate propagandaFascist propagandapropagandaRepublic of SaloItalian Social RepublicRSIGino BoccasileBoccasile G.Venus de Miloanti-Americanun-AmericanUnited States of AmericaUseUSANorth AmericaAmericacolorBlackAfrican AmericanstereotypecaricatureRacismWWIIWWIIpropaganda RSIArtWW2World War IIWorld War II

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