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subject date: 2016-07-08

caption: PROCESSES animals. A sow with her piglets on trial for the murder of a child Lavegny. The fact illustrated happened in 1457: the mother was found guilty and guinea acquitted by virtue of their youth, the bad example brought by the mother and the lack of evidence that they had personally attended to tear the victim. colored illustration from the collection of stories and anecdotes in almanac "The Book of Days", composed in 1864 by the writer, publisher, geologist, Scottish evolutionary thinker Robert Chambers (1802 -1871). Britain, XIX century

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processjokestoryanthropomorphic animalsinfanticidemurderlawScotlandUnited KingdomUKGreat Britainprison guarddefenderdefenddefenseaccusationjudgmentclassroomcourthearingdefendantacquittedabsolutioninnocentguiltysentencedsentenceinvestigationChambersMiddle AgespersecutionjusticeporkanimalszoologysauriangeckoD'Orbigny C.Natural History

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