title: ENRICHETTA OF Balsac D'Entragues

subject date: 2016-06-13

caption: ENRICHETTA Entragues of Balzac (1579-1633), daughter of Francis of Entragues, governor of Orleans, and Marie Touchet who was the mistress of Charles IX. After the death of Gabrielle d'Estrées, mistress of Henry IV, he was struck by a passion for her that came to make him sign a promise of marriage (in the case had given him a son) that Sully, the king's adviser, is said to have torn. After giving Gaston Henry-light in 1601, relying on the agreement Henriette claims that at least his son was legitimized and recognized as heir to the throne. The king agreed, but she was not satisfied, conspired with his half-brother Charles of Valois who, foiled, she lost finally in 1608 the king's favor. The death of Henry IV, the Queen Regent Maria de 'Medici banished from court. Colored lithograph, nineteenth century France

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image century : XIX

image epoch: Ottocento

subject century: XVII

subject epoch: Ancien Regime

technique: Litografia colorata

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Catherine Henriette de Balzac d'EntraguescollarfashionambitiousambitionMaîtresse-en-titreconcubinecourtesanFavoriteGaston-Henri de BourbonFrancenobilitywomanportraitof EntraguesBalsac

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