title: Maria Theresa of Spain

subject date: 2016-06-13

caption: MARIA THERESA OF AUSTRIA (1638-1683), daughter of Philip IV of Spain and Elizabeth of France. After 1658, after the War of the Pyrenees, the royal families of France and Spain hoped for a lasting peace, who wanted to consolidate the marriage of Maria Theresa and the French king Louis XIV. Cardinal Mazarin had a decisive role in the negotiations, flaunting a parallel interest in the Savoy family when Spain tergiversava, resulting in short the achievement of an agreement providing, inter alia, the resignation of the Infanta to the succession to the Spanish throne, and the donation of a large dowry. Failure to pay the dowry, however, was the cause of a new conflict. The queen was sweet and pious and never had any influence at court; had a loving relationship only with the mother-in-law (and aunt) Anne of Austria, he had to endure the presence of the many lovers of her husband, and exercised the role of regent only on rare occasions, when the distance of the sovereign for border wars. Representation inspired by the portrait painted by Henri and Charles Beaubrun. Colored lithograph, nineteenth century France

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