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caption: LOUIS XIV of Bourbon (1638-1715) told the Sun King, the son of Louis XIII, succeeded his father in 1643 under the regency of the queen mother Anne of Austria; his youth was disturbed by the struggles between the parliament and the regency and disorders of the Fronde. In 1660 he married Maria Teresa of Austria and the following year, the death of the prime minister Cardinal Mazarin, began to reign autonomously. He considered himself a representative of God on earth, was an absolute monarch, but always pursued the interests of France, which under his reign increased its influence in Europe and in the colonies; introduced civil and criminal procedure codes, applicable for the first time in a uniform manner over the whole of France; could at the same time encouraging the development of literature and the arts in general in the country, but also directly by sponsoring countless artists. The court became a reference point for European culture, the economy found extensive development and France reached an unprecedented magnitude; nevertheless his death, after 72 years of reign, it is said there were irrepressible spontaneous celebrations, and the coffin was outraged when transferring from spit and mud launched from the crowd. Representation inspired by the portrait painted by Hyacinthe Rigaud in 1701. Lithography colored, nineteenth century France

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