subject date: 2016-06-03

caption: CATHERINE DE 'MEDICI (1519-1589), daughter of Lorenzo II de' Medici and Bourbon Maddalena. In 1533 he married the second son of Francis I of France, who became Henry II. As queen consort suffered the very suggestion of Diana de Poitiers, but as regent and when later ruled his sons Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III in particular, he strongly felt his influence. Although it was unequivocally Catholic, used all his diplomacy to heal the rift between the two Catholic and Protestant factions; it is said that prompted Charles IX in the massacre of St. Bartholomew, but the most recent positions of historians reassessing her figure, denying the "black legend" that saw conspiratorial and bloody. Representation inspired by a portrait of François Clouet's workshop, circa 1570. Colored lithograph, nineteenth century France

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