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caption: CHARLES VI (1368-1422) son of Charles V, succeeded him in 1380 under the tutelage of his uncle Philip II. In 1392 he declared war on the Duke of Brittany, and his mental health, which has been showing signs of imbalance, he says he had a meltdown as he crossed with his men the Mans forest. His uncles then seized power and bloodied the whole of France, which is divided into two factions: the Armagnacs and Bourguignons. In 1420, after the defeat by King Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt, he signed the Treaty of Troyes, with whom disconosceva the legitimacy of the Dauphin of France and gave way to marry his daughter Catherine of Valois to Henry V, eliminated the direct heir, he became heir to the throne of France with a stretch of the dynastic line. The Dolphin ousted, like most of his countrymen, including some Giovanna d'Orléans, however, he felt that the acceptance of such unfavorable conditions to France was only explainable by the insanity of the sovereign, and therefore felt obliged to honor the Treaty and continued to fight the British, regaining the throne. Colored lithograph, nineteenth century France

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