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Milano Italia


subject date: 2016-05-13

caption: LOCAL HISTORY The restaurant Caffè Pasticceria Cova, located in Piazza Della Scala, on the corner of Via Manzoni and Via Verdi (in 1812, at the time the inauguration of the Garden Street and Via San Giuseppe). The premises of the most elegant meeting place of Milan met Risorgimento patriots and prominent figures of Italian culture and politics, such as Giuseppe Mazzini, Benedetto Cairoli, Tito Speri, Arrigo Boito, Giuseppe Verdi, Giovanni Verga, Giuseppe Giacosa, Federico De Roberto , Emilio Visconti Venosta, and many others. exterior view with gendarme, framed by friezes and decorations in gold, in front of the illustrated menu; below, the list of the day is filled with the typewriter, in French, and the offer of fare includes: Risotto alla Milanese, Braised beef, roast loin of veal, mixed vegetables, cake Cova pineapple, fruit. Milan, 14 October 1912.

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city: Milano

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country: Italia

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place: Milano

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image epoch: Belle Epoque

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subject epoch: Belle Epoque

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