subject date: 2016-05-10

caption: SYMBOLIC HAND Positive image processed with screen concentric circles; table that exemplifies the selection of tones starting from photograph b / n in lith or photolithographic film, which with the aid of a screen, reproduces the shades of gray by using only two degrees of intensity: white or black, empty or full. The subject used for processing symbolically recalls the ancient hand of the young prehistoric artists. Photo / gram, Milano 1979

category: HIS

copyright: © Fototeca Gilardi

copyright status: Copyrighted Work

country: Italia

credit: Fototeca Gilardi

instructions: Per utilizzi: Fototeca Gilardi - t. 02 3931 2652

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continent: Europa

image century : XX

image epoch: Anni Settanta

subject century: XX

subject epoch: Anni Settanta

technique: Fotografia

id: 39081

file name: FSNgilardi_66251.jpg


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