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subject date: 2016-04-21

caption: NEWSPAPERS story serialized cartoons: "The College La Delizia"; subject Renato Simoni (1875-1952), drawings by Antonio Rubino (1880-1964). The rhyming story begins November 9, 1913 with the verses "In the land of Cockaigne is the college: 'La Delizia'. Director: sponge cake and janitor: Liquorice". then he describes the adventures of the little students who, bored idleness, staged an uprising, capturing the masters and process them, citing as evidence against the students made fools and weaklings by the lack of discipline. To rectify the issue will have to intervene a wise old man, who in the last episode of 2 August 1914, demolished definitively school, however, calling it rebuild 'Duty', including the satisfaction of small and large. Cover of the Corriere dei Piccoli, year VI n.23, Italy June 7, 1914

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